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Elite Trail Series: Individual anglers compete against a field of anglers in a standard single day tournament event. You will earn Angler of the Year points for each Elite series tournament you compete in and can keep track of your tournament stats on the AOY Standings page. All points are added at the conclusion of each tournament and qualify you to compete in the LIKBF Tournament of Champions permitting you win the event or get a roll down. You will also win cash prizes and physical product prizes which are donated from our club sponsors below. If you catch the biggest Bass of the season in our Elite Series Tournaments, you will be awarded the Big Bass Trophy for that season. 


Open Series: Individual anglers compete against a field of anglers in a standard single day tournament event with no LIKBF membership required. Only a handful of Open's are hosted throughout the season and is a great way to give the tournament atmosphere a feel and to check out the club before you commit to becoming a member and fishing the Elite Trail Series. 


Team Challenge Series: Anglers will be randomly selected into two person teams. The Team series will run in conjunction with the LIKBF Elite Trail Series. The teams largest combined 5-Fish limit will be scored for T-O-Y Points. The winning team of the year will win a cash prize and Tournament Of Champion's qualification spots. 


Challenge Series: Anglers will pay a one time fee to enter the tournament and will start in April and end in November. Anglers may fish on any public water in the tri-state area and submit their best five (5) fish for the entire season. The Top 3 Anglers will win prize money. 


Eliminator Series: Individual anglers compete once a month in a bracket style elimination tournament. Winner of the bracket moves onto the next round and repeats the process until there is only one angler left. Winner of the Eliminator series will win a cash prize and a Tournament of Champions qualifying slot. 


Tournament Of Champions: The biggest and most prestigious Tournament we offer. The only way to fish this tournament is to Qualify. Anglers can qualify by fishing in our Elite Trail Series, Team Series, Spring Fling Tournament, Eliminator Series, and Summer-Slam Tournament events. 

LIKBF Tournaments are fished in person and are held on Long Island waters or within a 2 - 3 Hour driving period of our club, meeting location. Which could range from Upstate New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

LIKBF's primary tournament season begins in April and ends in October. We generally fish one to two Tournaments a month.

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