About Us

Welcome to the Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing Club! 

LIKBF was started in 2016. Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing is an official partner club to the largest kayak fishing community in the nation called KBF - Kayak Bass Fishing.

LIKBF is currently holding monthly meetings at The Grill In The Ville, located at 756 Horseblock Rd Farmingville, NY 11738 at 8:00pm

Anyone interested in joining LIKBF and is welcome to come and attend any one of our meetings to see what our club is all about! 


Tournament Fishing From a Kayak?
You will find that we are a friendly group of anglers who enjoy sharing passion for kayak fishing with one another. That being said, we also enjoy friendly competition.  We are a Tournament fishing club who fish from our Kayaks/Canoes rather than a bass boat like most would see. Instead of keeping fish in a live well, we Catch, Photograph and Release (CPR). How does that work? Well, we use an online Tournament Management system called Fishing Chaos. What we do is we take a photograph of the fish on a measuring device called a Ketch Board, and we upload and submit the photo to Fishing Chaos and add the measurement of each fish. So at the end of the day our tournaments are based on total inches instead of a live way in of pounds. What this does is the fish gets released back into the water as quickly as possible and not kept inside a live-well all day. 

The sport of Kayak fishing is growing like a wildfire! And we welcome you to join us and attend one of our meetings and fish a tournaments as a guest. All you need is a Kayak/Canoe and a passion for Bass Fishing! Our goal each season is to share our knowledge and experience with new members.