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Why should you Join LIKBF?

LIKBF is proud to offer something for every angler. Want to meet some new buddies to get out on the water and fish with?  We have an amazing and friendly group of anglers. Camaraderie is one of our main goals. 

If you are an avid Bass angler and are local within close driving range of Long Island, and wish to learn about and or compete in CPR(Ca
tch, Photograph, Release) Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments, than LIKBF is the perfect fit for you. Not only will LIKBF expand your horizons on becoming a better angler, but you will also gain new friendships and opportunities that will last a life time. 

LIKBF is an Ambassador Club to KBF, The largest Kayak Fishing Community in the nation! When fishing with LIKBF, you will gain opportunities to not only fish our local club events, but KBF events as well on a National Level, Win prize money at the end of each tournament and prizes from our club sponsors. 

How do I Join LIKBF?

NEW!! As of 2023 we have changed our membership requirements!

All anglers who are interested in joining LIKBF are welcome to do so by paying the Annual club dues of $105.00 on Fishing Chaos. Once dues are paid, you are welcome to sign up and fish any of our events. You will obtain Angler of the Year points and be eligible to win money and sponsor prizes at any of our events. 

Membership is $105.00 each season.

Please Note: All anglers are on a 1 Season (April - December) probationary period for their first season and an angler must have completed 12 months in LIKBF to be eligible to run for a board position.
What does this mean? The LIKBF Club as a whole has a right to vote and revoke anyone's membership if they are causing issues within the club or is otherwise deemed not suitable for a particular position or membership.

Want to fish an Event prior to paying dues? We also offer Open Events throughout the season that are open to everyone without the requirement of paying dues. These are great opportunities to fish with the Club and to see what we are all about.

LIKBF hosts monthly in person meetings the first Tuesday of each Month. Though meetings are not mandatory to be a member, we strongly encourage attendance, especially if you wish to be involved with the decision making of the club's direction. During meetings topics for club changes are brought up for a discussion and vote, being at a meeting allows you to have a voice. Also During meetings the club will present an educational topic/seminar, hold raffles and 50/50 during these meetings.

What do I get for my LIKBF Membership?

  • New members will receive a set of LIKBF Decals and a personalized LIKBF ID Tag - $30 Value

  • Opportunities to win AOY points and awards for each Tournament.

  • A shot at winning Angler Of The Year which is awarded a free LIKBF membership the next season. $100 Value

  • Opportunities to fish and win prize money in any of our Tournament Series and Challenge Tournaments.

  • Opportunity to finish in our Elite 5 and win a free LIKBF Jersey - $100 Value

  • Opportunities to win Trophies and Awards at the end of the season

  • Invitation to our End Of The Year Party/Awards Dinner for yourself plus a guest.

  • KBF National Championship Opportunities to win an Invitation/Slot
    (Additional KBF Membership required $25/50)


  • Discounts to our various club sponsors IE: Fishing Online, Ketch, Torqueedo, Wack'em & Stack'em, Keitech Etc. - Hundreds's of dollars in savings. 

  • Win coupons, gift cards and physical product from various Sponsors IE: Dakota Lithium, YakAttack, EGO Etc. which is Hundreds of dollars more in product. 

    Everyone joins LIKBF for different reasons. We are a competitive tournament kayak fishing club, but you do not have to fish every tournament to be a member. Some members just want to make friends, others to compete, some looking to find something in common with others, or to become a better angler. LIKBF wants you to take from the club what you want and just find your niche. LIKBF offers many options for the kayak angler. Our club will allow and challenge you to compete on a local, regional and national level, share stories which all anglers love to do, or just get out. But one thing we do know. You will make some great memories and new friends that will last a lifetime.

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