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Anyone is eligible to become a LIKBF member.  You are welcome to fish any one of our tournaments as a guest to give the tournament atmosphere a feel if you'd like. Being a member does have its benefits, as you will earn AOY points and prizes at the end of each tournament. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are new to the club and seeking membership for the first time, please do not fill out the application or pay membership dues until instructed to do so. Please contact one of our Board members first as there are certain requirements we as a club have before you are able to join which are listed below.


  • You must attend an LIKBF meeting.

  • You must fish a tournament with us as a guest

  • You must be voted into the club by existing members

  • If voted in, than you can fill out the application on fishing chaos and pay your dues of $100.00

What do I get for my LIKBF Membership?

Membership is $100.00 each season.

  • You will receive a set of LIKBF Decals - $20 Value

  • Opportunities to win AOY points and awards for each Tournament.

  • A shot at winning Angler Of The Year which is awarded a free LIKBF membership the next season. $100 Value

  • Opportunities to fish and win prize money in any of our Tournament Series and Challenge Tournaments.

  • Opportunity to finish in our Elite 5 and win a free LIKBF Jersey - $100 Value

  • Invitation to our End Of The Year Party/Awards Dinner for yourself plus a plus guest.

  • KBF National Championship Opportunities to win an Invitation/Slot
    (Additional KBF Membership required $25/50)

  • Discounts to our various club sponsors IE: Fishing Online, Ketch, Torqueedo, Wack'em & Stack'em, Keitech Etc. - Hundreds's of dollars in savings. 

  • Win coupons, gift cards and physical product from various Sponsors IE: Dakota Lithium, YakAttack, EGO Etc. which is Hundreds of dollars more in product. 

    Everyone joins LIKBF for different reasons. We are a competitive tournament kayak fishing club, but you do not have to fish every tournament to be a member. Some members just want to make friends, others to compete, some looking to find something in common with others, or to become a better angler. LIKBF wants you to take from the club what you want and just find your niche. LIKBF offers many options for the kayak angler. Our club will allow and challenge you to compete on a local, regional and national level, share stories which all anglers love to do, or just get out. But one thing we do know. You will make some great memories and new friends that will last a lifetime.

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