Spruce Run Reservoir - Clinton, NJ

June 26th - 2022

6:00am - 2:00pm

Welcome LIKBF Anglers to the 4th stop of the 2022 LIKBF Elite Series!


Entry fee:$40.00
$20 (Optional) Hourly Big Bass
June 4th, 5:00PM: Registrations Close


Anyone is eligible to become a LIKBF member. You are welcome to fish any one of our tournaments as a guest to give the tournament atmosphere a feel if you'd like. Being a member does have its benefits, as you will earn AOY points and prizes at the end of each tournament.

Tournament venue will take place on Spruce Run Reservior in Clinton, NJ

Anglers will be required to purchase a NJ Non-Residential Fishing License in order to compete. 


Anglers must Launch at Spruce Run Boat Launch, Van Syckles Road, Clinton, NJ

First Launch: 5:30am

Lines in the water at 6:00am.
Lines out at 2:00pm
Submission Deadline: 3:00pm


Please familiarize yourself with LIKBF Rules & standards. It is YOUR responsibility to know them. There is no excuse for not knowing any rules. By registering for this event, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms, conditions, and provisions of the LIKBF Rules Clarification & Standards and event-specific rules. https://www.likbf.com/rules


5 Bass Limit at 12-Inches.

5 longest fish will determine the winner.

Tie breakers will be determined by specific details of each angler's catch.

Tie breakers will be reviewed and determined by the Tournament Committee

ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE via Fishing Chaos app 3:00pm

Please use the Check in and Out feature to let us know you have got off the water safely.

Prize Fund is based on # Of Entries.