LIKBF Elite Tournament Series

OVERVIEW — LIKBF Members can put their skills to the test against other kayak bass anglers on the tournament level. LIKBF Elite Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2023 LIKBF Tournament Of Champions & 2022 KBF National Championship! 

In order to compete in our Elite Series Tournament's on a regular basis you must become an LIKBF Member, and in order to win a KBF National Championship Slot you must become a KBF member prior to the event you are participating in, as we are a Kayak Bass Fishing partner club. If you are new to the LIKBF club, you may compete in any one of our Elite or Open Tournaments as a Guest; however you will not be awarded AOY points for that tournament unless you are approved to become an LIKBF Member. LIKBF Also hosts an OPEN Tournament prior to the Elite Series Trail, which is open to anyone. This is recommended that you participate in first as it will count as your guest tournament, and you also will have the opportunity to win a free membership for that year!

Entry Fee's for our Elite Series Tournaments range from $40-50 depending on location and ramp fee's if applicable. Membership fee for LIKBF is $100 annually. 

2022 Elite Series Tournament Payouts depend on the percentage of anglers that sign up. LIKBF takes 20% of total registrations and the rest is put into the prize pool. 
IE: If 10 Anglers sign up, only 1st will be paid, 11-20 First and Second will be paid, 21-30 First, Second and Third etc.

2022 LIKBF Angler of the Year Points will be awarded according to performance to every LIKBF Member who registers to compete in Elite Series Tournaments. First Place earns 100 AOY Points, Second place 99, Third 98, and so on, dropping by 1 point with each step down in rank. This goes down to everyone who caught and submitted a fish. If you happen to not submit fish, you will be awarded 10 points less than the last person who caught and submitted a fish. At the end of the season your Angler of the Year stats will be totaled of your best 5 Tournaments and you will drop your two lowest. (7 Tournaments Total) 

2023 LIKBF Tournament Of Champions - The winner of each Elite Series Tournament will qualify to compete in the TOC the following season. 

2022 KBF-NC Qualification -  LIKBF Elite Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2022 KBF National Championship. One qualification will be awarded to the top 3 anglers in rank as long as we have 20 or more competitors in the event. No roll-downs if awarded to one who has previously qualified.

Hourly Big Bass  - is an optional Big Bass Prize pool that is $20 to enter and awards prize money for the biggest bass submitted every hour of the tournament, and a prize for the overall biggest bass submitted in the event. This is optional to compete in and is not required, but it is fun!

Big Bass Trophy - If you catch the biggest Bass of the season in our Elite Series Tournaments, you will be awarded the Big Bass Trophy for that season.