2017 KBF TRAIL SERIES - RESULTS                                                 

The 2017 Trail Series Tournament on the Peconic River System on Long Island, NY was a success. 40 Anglers put their skills to the test on the largest scale tournament we have seen yet, and if tapped at the right time, just about any of them can produce quality catches…even some true trophy-sized specimens. But what about those times when conditions are far less than ideal, such as during brutal cold fronts or when angling pressure is off the charts? What’s a hardcore angler to do then? Many will go anyway, hoping to make the most of a bad situation. Others, however, will go where they know they can catch them. Anthony Notaroberta did just that on Saturday when he emerged victorious, finishing with a total of 75.00" of Largemouth Bass.


For many Bassmasters, competing in tournaments is what bass fishing is all about. Every angler with a competitive streak, whether he fishes against other members of his local bass club or on the pro circuit, dreams of scoring a great catch in a tournament and ending up in the winner's circle.

    Dreams are one thing, but if you hope to be a successful tournament angler in today's highly competitive bass fishing climate, know this: Fishing pressure is a reality that must be factored into your game plan. Nationwide, a growing number of bass waters are subject to unrelenting pressure from anglers who are more knowledgeable and better equipped than ever, resulting in a bass bite that's getting tougher every season.

The day started out with our Captains Meeting at the PLECO clubhouse at 5:30am on schedule where the rules and regulations of the tournament were discussed. 40 different anglers, who live different lives and fish different styles, all came together for a great time filled with laughs and competition and new friends made. The lake started out like a sheet of glass, not a breath of a breeze.

       Not only was there the pressure of a thousand bucks on the line, but also 5 guaranteed slots at the Kayak Bass Fishing 2018 National Championship was on the line as well. The Top Five anglers of the tournament would qualify for the Championship next year. We would like to give a congratulations also to those 5 guys. Anthony Notaroberta, Rene Klager, Derek Weinstein, Jonathan Galicia Mendez and Tim Bresnan. Although Anthony and Tim have already pre-qualified for the NC, those two spots have rolled down to Luis Villegas and Ken Wood, who finished 6th and 7th. Congratulations Guys! We would also like to thank Kettle Creek Outfitters, YakAttack, The Dinghy Shop, and Geared Up Fishing for sponsoring us!     Click Here for the full tournament results.